Saturday, 29 December 2012

No Hurry

I've had a rough month with work and preparing for Christmas, and I'll admit that blogging has fallen way down my list of things I needed to get done.
The song I'd originally intended for this photo has been pushed aside, when I heard Zac Brown's "No Hurry" on the radio last week, my photo popped back into my head and I knew it was time to get blogging again. That was a week ago, so "no hurry" still applies!
By the way, in the winter, you don't need a beer fridge in Canada.

No Hurry

"No Hurry" By Zac Brown Band
You know my old car needs washing 

And the front yard needs a trim 
And the telephone keeps ringing 
And the bossman knows I know its him 
And the bills ain't gonna pay themselves 
No matter anyway 
Cause I ain't in no hurry today 

There's nothing wrong with an old cane fishing pole 
And the smell of early spring 
Sit down in a fold-up easy chair 
On a quiet shady river bank 
Let the world go on without me 
Wouldn't have it any other way 
Cause I ain't in no hurry today 

Ain't in no hurry 
I'd Be a fool now to worry 
About all those things I can't change 
And the time that I borrow 
Can wait till tomorrow 
Cause I ain't in no hurry today 

What was I wearing?
Shape - Waxworx - Winter
Skin - Birth - Thor
Hair - Entente - David Hair & Beanie
Coat - Gizza - Padded Coat
Glasses- Gos - Custom Eyewear SCT